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With growing volume of structured and unstructured data, business organizations are having plethora of information and are in a position to capitalize on these valuable data sets by analyzing them and by identifying insights for better decision making. Having worked in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for over a year at Accenture, and having gained in-depth knowledge of its importance and business applications, I have come to appreciate business analytics as the backbone of success for any business and moving forth, I envision myself finding a position within the same sphere of decision makers who determine the tide of businesses across the globe. So, it seems obvious to me that a Master’s degree in business analytics would be the next step to achieve my career goal to become expert in analytics and in the long term, further use this experience to become an entrepreneur.  My curiosity for computer programming has its roots during first year, when I learned C programming and it was enhanced when we worked on Virtual Instrumentation software in our third year. My interest in computers led me to learn the concepts of software engineering along with core of my degree, instrumentation software. Despite the additional work, I stayed in the top 10 students of a class of 30. I took special interest outside of coursework and learned operating systems such as Windows, web development languages like HTML and CSS. I used this knowledge to guide the website development team of our Official Department event SPIKES.   With this curiosity and passion in me, I chose an IT profession after graduating, when I joined Accenture as an Application Development Associate. Based on my .NET programming skills and performance during training (which included training in SQL and SDLC fundamentals), I was selected to work on the UPM Corporation project (a Finnish forest industry company) and received additional training in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. I have applied AX ERP on client projects for over a year. Simultaneously, I have gained experience in X++ coding, MorphX, DIXF, Workflows, SSRS reports.  As part of my role as an Application Development Associate, my responsibilities included analyzing business requirements and developing solutions. I have been appreciated by both the Business Analysts at Accenture and clients for my in-depth knowledge of the application. Apart from client interactions, I frequently work with teams to organize events. During all four years of my bachelors, I was deeply involved in organizing the events conducted by my department.  I have always put in additional time and effort into the areas that hold my interests and passions, professionally or otherwise. For example, during my tenure in Accenture, I developed an interest in analytics and explored it by acquiring knowledge on Microsoft Power BI. I’m currently working on a Digital Analytics certification offered by the Google Analytics Academy. On a personal front, I enjoy trekking, and I’m the Camp Leader for a Himalayan trek organized by YHAI in Dalhousie. Due to my passion for hiking and swimming, I’ve volunteered for India’s biggest Triathlon, held in Hyderabad.   My goal is to obtain an MS and then to work in a challenging role in IT industry. When I have gathered sufficient experience and skills, I plan to launch a consulting company of my own in India, as it is my home, a huge market, and has a lot of scope for growth. An MS in Business Analytics would help me learn about cutting-edge technology along with crucial business concepts which will make an invaluable addition to my skill set.  OSU’s MS in Business- Analytics program with excellent coursework and World-class faculty will help me to learn necessary skills especially in data analytics and this master’s program very well suits my long-term career aspiration. Course structure of MSBA is very impressive and of my interest. This course brings both technical expertise and business acumen to table.  Modules such as descriptive, predictive and advanced business analytics will help me gain expertise in Software tools required for big data analysis. OSU’s MS in Business analytics will be stepping stone for me to grow in field of Data and Business analytics and will enable me to carve a niche for myself in the industry along with deepening my expertise and broadening my perspectives, leading me closer to my long-term goals. I believe that I have the necessary commitment and intelligence to do well in your program, and hope that you find me to be a good fit for your program.