Within to follow me, not only because they have

small and large companies, relationships tend to shift over time. You may have
a close coworker promoted, a manager moved to another department, or a VP resign;
in any case, the workforce is variable and is subject to change again, and
again after that. What is sufficient for one boss may not be acceptable to
others, promotions may fall on inept co-workers, and lack of leadership can
become an everyday obstacle in an employee’s likelihood to feel job
satisfaction. The artistry of it all is that this fluctuation allows
opportunity for great leaders to be formed. An effective leader should be able to use different
types of leadership styles to their advantage because successful leaders don’t
fit a precise mold. Each style warrants a variety of situations, and one must
strive to interpret and handle those situations efficiently, while keeping those
below them in mind. The capability to command respect, communicate, loyalty, humbleness, and influence lies in
the leader’s ability to be self-aware.
So what makes people want to follow me, not only because they have to, but
because they want to?

Confucius ones said “respect
yourself and others will respect you.” As a proponent of servant leadership,
respect of others is crucial to the success of a leader. It is easy to be
respectful of those to whom you agree with, but for those you don’t, tensions
can run high. The very notion of respect does not depend on others doing or not
doing something, it means recognizing that all people are inherently worthy of
respect; even when you don’t feel like it. According to my Hogan results, and
those volunteered from my peers at AbbVie, I am good at dealing with conflict
and difficult people. By being caring, sensitive, and accepting around others,
I can gauge a potentially noxious situation and spin it in a positive way. According
to our current Scientific Director Caroline Park PHARMD, and Project Manager
John Polhemus MBA, I always/frequently demonstrate the ability to treat other’s
fairly. I listen effectively within a team of “talkers,” and I lead by example
“walk the walk, not talk the talk, which has bestowed respect from different
colleagues from across the organization. According to both co-workers, I do
frequently develop strong relationships with peers and others within/outside
the organization. I spend time sending handwritten notes to exemplary vendors,
awarding “excellence awards” to high performers, introducing myself to new
cross-functional partners putting a face to the name, and I actively value
the perspectives of others who are key and non-key stakeholders in projects or
events. However, areas of focus would be to make time to coach and provide
feedback to team members. At times, I do prefer to work alone and not take
initiative to give warranted feedback or drive interactions that could be
beneficial to helping myself and my peers. By trying to show respect on a
constant basis to all those I interact with, whether through technology or in
person, I am striving to foster an environment of caring that permeates the workplace.

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An important factor into the
success of a leader is their engagement with their peers and direct reports by
leading from all angles. By communicating their plans, ideas, and visions to
their co-workers, this enables a common sense of direction that will keep
employees motivated and happy. It is this attention to detail that helps
employees flourish and contribute to the common goal.