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Women in today’s society have more increased viable choices and opportunities to access a superior array of tourism and leisure choices.  Yet the openness women have to accessing the nourishing travel experience is limited because of their gender as females. The trend of females traveling solo has sky rocketed and has become the latest trend. The biggest concern about women travelling solo would be the well-being and safety of these women in an unknown country or majority world.  In my opinion, I believe that women who desire to travel alone should be aware of the possible dangers of partaking in such experiences. Solo female travelers dream of having an authentic travel experience, which implies an exceptionally personalized experience with trustworthy guides and friendly locals. Conversely, there is a vast difference between being friendly and being dishonourable. It is important that women know that their tourist guides know that they are only there guide the women on their experience and nothing more than that.

International tourism has rapidly developed into one of the most significant profitable industries in the world. The utilisation of tourism goods and services of interests for women in the major world has been getting a significant distinction in the global economy. Moreover, each day the emerging number of women who travel solo becomes more, and there are many purposes for this. This can be a result of more women being financially stable and or deciding to study aboard. This has empowered new ways of viewing the connection between gender issues and tourism, which primarily effects the economy of the major world, the culture and the society of the major world. Travelling solo in a major world can offer women an different way to observe the lives of others and as well as themselves. It can also give them a break from family members or spouses. It takes them away from any obligations such as work or taking care of children. It can give them a moment to self-reflect and find space to be able to find themselves if they are feeling lost. Being able to travel to a majority world can lead to a leisure experience that can be resulted into revisiting those experiences after they return back home. 

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