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Would you want to live in a world where ¾ of known species are extinct? Would you want your kids to not be able to see a real live polar bear? No, you wouldn’t. Climate change, one of the world’s most prominent problems will decide the fate of humankind. The Paris Agreement is a non-binding global agreement with 194 member countries who work to end climate change. One of the main goals is to limit the increase of the average temperature to 3.6°F (2°C) above pre-industrial levels. If the USA doesn’t join the Paris Agreement, the world may never be able to conquer climate change. The USA should join the Paris Agreement because it will boost the economy, limit the number of natural devastations nationwide, and there evidence that have proven President Trump and his advisors are not using reliable statistics concerning climate cahnge.

Without the Paris Agreement, the heating of the earth will cause major devastations. Both Scientific American and The Union for Concerned Scientists conducted studies about fire seasons. They found that fire seasons are two months longer than in they were the 1970’s. This is huge, with the fire season lasting about 2 months longer, many more people’s lives will be put in danger. Wildfire devastations in states like California are constantly being broadcasted on credible news sites. These fires would cause major devastations and cost the USA millions of dollars. Brandon Loomis, from USA Today, explains that “Warmer summers exacerbate drought, as do quicker-evaporating winter rains and snowmelt. These trends increase forest diseases and pests, such as bark beetles, which have killed millions of acres of trees in the West, creating vast amounts of fuel to feed fires.” Hotter temperatures, quickly melting snow and evaporating winter showers are all consequences of global warming. If the USA joins the Paris Agreement, they will be able to stop devastations such as wildfires because they may be able limit the temperature increase to less than 2 degrees Celsius. One heartbreaking story from the Marshallese Islands was retold by CNN’s reporter John D. Sutter. It is one of the many stories that show us the extreme effects that climate change has made on people’s lives and their countries. “Angie Hepisus heard her nephew, Mark, banging on the door and screaming in Marshallese. “It’s flooding! It’s flooding! Get out!” Her thoughts went immediately to her family on this fragile coastline in the middle of the Pacific, a place under increasing threat from climate change. One of her cousins woke up that morning last spring to find herself floating, her plywood home filling up like an aquarium. Another, who lives in a house where the roof is held down by evenly spaced rocks, was so bewildered by the rush of water that had invaded her house at 4 a.m. … And Roselinta, who was sleeping with her 2-year-old son, Shiro, in a house that was being carried inland by the storm and the unusually high tide that accompanied it.” (Sutter). He also said, “Out here in the middle of the Pacific, somewhere between Australia and Hawaii, there’s a place where no one has the luxury of denying the existence of climate change. People here in the Marshall Islands are living it.” The reason the world is having devastations like floods is that when the temperature in the water rises, the water expands creating floods. Water temperatures rise as acidity increases. Since oceans are carbon sinks, they absorb much of the produced Carbon Dioxide making the water more acidic. Although many people in the world are lucky enough to not have climate change affect them, many people are suffering from it daily and are having their lives completely destroyed by climate change. If America doesn’t take on climate change, those who have been lucky enough to not experience the effects soon will. With the Paris Agreement, America will be able to help stop this devastation by cutting our Carbon Dioxide output and ensuring waters aren’t warming too much. Many animal species and plants are currently going extinct due to climate change. According to CNN, ¾ of today’s species could be extinct in a couple of centuries due to climate change. National Geographic says that some of these species include the Orange-spotted filefish, Adélie Penguin, and Coral. National Geographic says that an Orange spotted filefish lives in coral reefs and relies on it for survival. The Orange-spotted filefish lives in waters with temperatures of 73-84°F. This fish is already extinct in Japan because of the rapidly warming waters. The Adélie Penguin relies on krill that thrive under layers of ice due to the surplus of algae. With melting ice, the Adélie Penguins must migrate to find food. Since energy is wasted looking for food, they can’t raise their young or mate as effectively. Coral is also endangered by climate change. The warming of the oceans is wiping coral reefs out and leaving them as coral wastelands. The Caribbean used to house lots of the world’s coral reefs but now the Coral is only in selected areas in the Caribbean. Sea creatures like the Parrot Fish, Sea Turtles, Butterfly Fish, and Dolphins all depend on coral. These animals help keep the food chain balanced. Without them, the food chain would be disrupted which could lead to mass extinction. If the US joins the Paris Agreement, they will be able to reduce the temperature in the water which will save animals and help prevent major devastations to our ecosystems and the food chain.

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President Trump is publicizing that global warming is just a “hoax invented by the Chinese”. However, there are too many pieces of evidence that prove global warming is indeed a major problem. The 2010 Anderegg study found that 97-98% of climate researchers agree that global warming is real and that human activity is primarily responsible for earth’s change in climate. These scientists solely research about climate change and its effects. Would you rather listen to 97-98% of climate researchers or only 2-3%? The answer is simple, the 98%. They have been studying the patterns of weather, temperatures, Carbon Dioxide levels, the greenhouse gas effect and many other crucial pieces of evidence for years. The combined evidence from these researchers has led the vast majority of climate scientists believing in climate change. It is time to listen to the experts. In addition, Yale, George Mason, and Chicago University separately conducted studies on whether Americans believe in climate change. In all studies, 7/10 respondents said that they believed climate change was happening. In fact, Yale found that half of Mr. Trumps voters wanted to stay in the Agreement. If this is so, why isn’t the US acting on climate change? Credible research has been provided by climate scientists that prove climate change is a real thing. Most Americans also hold this belief. Furthermore, according to the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, Carbon Dioxide ppm levels have been rising without stop since 1958 (when scientists started recording the levels). In 1958, the Carbon Dioxide levels were recorded at 315.7 ppm. In January 2015, the Carbon Dioxide levels had risen to 399.96 ppm. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that “These CO2 levels are reportedly higher than at any time in the last 650,000 years when levels fluctuated between 180 and 300 ppm.”  In addition, Rob Monroe told ProCon.Org and scripps.ucsd.edu that Carbon Dioxide levels are predicted to rise to 450 ppm by 2040. The more Carbon Dioxide we put into our environment, the more we increase the effects of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a combination of gases that trap heat inside our atmosphere to ensure that the earth doesn’t get too cold. Carbon Dioxide is one of the gases that help keep the earth warm. Although this can be a good thing when protecting our world from the cold, it can have the opposite effect. The higher the levels of Carbon Dioxide, the more the temperature rises. This creates global warming. According to the United States EPA, humans produced 20 billion metric tons of Carbon Dioxide in 1990. In 2017, we created almost 40 billion metric tons of CO2, according to the Global Carbon Project. The world has doubled our Carbon Dioxide output which means the temperature will increase on earth. According to Corona Brezina who wrote a book named Climate Change, the temperature on earth has risen 0.56°c since the 1990’s. Our production of Carbon Dioxide and use of fossil fuels have resulted in an amplification of the greenhouse effect and thus created higher temperatures that have led to climate change and global warming. With almost all of Climate scientists agreeing that climate change is happening, it becomes clear that The US Government is ignoring a man-made problem that can have the can ruin our world.

Finally, joining the Paris Agreement will boost America’s economy. Mr. Trump says he pulled out of the Paris Agreement because it was causing an economic burden on the United States. This is totally untrue. If America joins the Paris Agreement they will be able to create a new global market that the US will be able to profit from. “The world’s gradual transition from fossil fuels has opened up a huge global market, estimated to be $6 trillion by 2030, for renewable fuels like wind and solar, for electric cars, for advanced batteries and other technologies.” Says The Editorial Board from the New York Times. Since the US is so large, it would be able to gain a lot of profit from people buying renewably fueled products. If the America switched to renewable energy sources, they would be able to improve our economy and would not have to spend millions of dollars locating and digging for fossil fuels and oil. The Editorial Board from New York Times then goes on to say,”It’s true that the coal industry is losing jobs, largely a result of competition from cheaper natural gas, but the renewable fuels industry is going gangbusters: Employment in the solar industry, for instance, is more than 10 times what it was a decade ago, 260,000 jobs as opposed to 24,000.” (New York Times) If the US as whole switched to all renewable energy sources, it would give thousands of jobs to Americans in the solar industry, wind power industry and creation of electric cars. Agriculture also contributes to the welfare of America’s economy. Georgina Gustin, from the interest group Insideclimate News, says that “For every degree Celsius that the Earth warms, corn yields will go down an average of 7.4 percent.” This study found that wheat yields will drop by 6%, rice yields will drop by 3.2% and soybean yields will drop by 3.1% for every 1°C the earth warms. These are some of the world’s most important crops and produce ? of the world’s calories according to Insideclimate News. Because of this drop in crop yields, America’s economy will dramatically drop as America produces Soybeans, Wheat, Rice and Corn and there will be less of it to gain profit from. Therefore, the US should join the Paris Agreement and help limit the impact of climate change.
                                                                                                                                           All things considered, the US should join the Paris Agreement because it will help limit natural devastations, help the US economy tremendously, and help end the problem of climate change. If the US joins the Paris Agreement, it will help the world become victors in the fight against climate change. Don’t let polar bears and ¾ of today’s species be only fairytales to your children. Join the fight against climate change and join the fight to accept the Paris Agreement.