years traits hopes for success. Our lives leave an

years ago I always wanted to be a cop few years later I had a change of heart went to school for Business Management and yrs later became a property manager. Throughout the years I had a few dead ends so I dnt ever know what my furture holds in five years from now but my positive traits hopes for success. Our lives leave an impression so I want to leave a great legacy behind… people can label me as a helping loving caring pure hearted person what ever they lable me as I just want people to remember the impact I had on them or the memories they hold of me to be great. One way or another five years from now I want to bring bigger better opportunities to my life mainly stability. I know that what happens tomorrow is affected by what I do today & Im pressing on so that I can continue to develope into a great person to make great decisions for those long-term goals and have great potential. Its important to me to live in the moment while making the future right I just want to do it right striving for a vision of a hopeful furture betterment so I can proudly hand those traits down to my children. I invested so much time building myself up to be better then my past self everything I go through the good the bad the hardships the struggles is preparing me for the next few years for my world to be better. I guarantee this I will do my best to amplify that vision and I will work tirelessly to establish that. Ultimately, I’d like to grow professionally having a good job doing the work I enjoy perhaps assume more management responsibilities who knows. When I was fired from my professional job, I thought my future had collapsed ive been and overcomer all my life so I know in my heart this is a steeping stone and to not give up on my dreams Im wisely learning and growing from it. Since then Ive been doing temp and or freelancing work I’m committed to making a few bucks anywhere doing anything until something better comes along. Along life journey I will continue to make work my focus being happy as possible in and out of work while spending time with my family. Thriving positively will have great impact on that future success! Meeting you that night made me rethink furture focused it doesnt stop here accelerate engage more into just continue on.