Yes, I should actually pursue a career in it.

Yes, I am applying to this program because of a handful of main reasons that I have heard my counselors repeat some several million times; It helps me build up a stronger CV and be unique from a heap of students with the same accomplishments that I possess; It enables me to refine my grades in subjects that I am weak in by enhancing my focus in academics and giving me exposure for university. But personally, I believe there many more advantages that attending a summer school can bring me and their importance goes way beyond the obvious. I have always wanted to explore and observe. A wise man once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” I believe that Summer schools offer a precious chance to have hands-on experiences including traveling, studying, innovating and meeting new people from all over the globe. Going to Columbia’s summer immersion will enable me to meet candidates of diverse backgrounds and races, resulting in a multi-cultural environment that will help me build up tolerance and pick up on some of the good aspects of their lifestyles. The time spent in a summer school can be a paramount experience. As a teenager who has always lived with her family, living alone for two weeks or more seems like a challenge that I am ready to face and check off of my list of achievements. It will teach me how to be independent, do my own work, reside with other people and adjust to new environments and atmospheres. These are the essential skills needed to live as a prosperous adult and therefore I am willing to learn the ropes of an independent adult lifestyle.   Just like an average teenager, at this point in life, I know what subjects I am passionate about, but my future career has not quite been decided. I believe studying in this program will help me develop my basic interests and I can pursue the occupation I want. For instance, I know I have a huge interest in math, but learning about its application in the modern world will help me determine if this shall only remain my interest or if I should actually pursue a career in it. Similarly, as I am very passionate about fashion designing and hopefully starting up my own fashion brand, learning about marketing and business will enable me to evaluate if I am capable of opening my own fashion brand. Not only this but journalism is another one of my career choices and studying economics will assist me in  increasing my knowledge that I require to make and interpret claims that an economic journalist does. Steve Jobs says, “innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” I believe that this summer school will help me become innovative and hopefully enable me to discover my own way of processing information, be it in fields of mathematics or finance. However, to do so, it is important that I learn under the guidance of the best educators, and gain the finest knowledge. I believe that this program offers all of this and will play a huge role in helping me achieve my ambition.