You you are not at a loss, when you

You have the best
website and pouring comments, but there is one element that is disturbing you!
How do I convert window shoppers to real buyers? How can I turn the leads to
customers and retain them for a long time? The era of digital technology is all
about catering the right service. Shopping for products to online service
happens on a mere tap.  Let us see how we
can turn the probable buyers to sure buyers.

Offers That Are

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You know the
shopper has an eye on your make up products. Somewhere down the line, she is
analyzing with other sites. Meanwhile, you capture this moment and offer her
something alluring. Give her 10% off on shopping now!” and see the
difference. You have to entice the window-shopper in such a way that there is
no other option but to go to your website.

How About A
Sample Delivery

expenses are going to be in your books of accounts under advertisement
category. So no, you are not at a loss, when you are ready to deliver a sample
for free. Understand the psychology of a shopper. There are two to three
websites which are open, and the shopper is perhaps comparing all the products.
Therefore when you give an option of offering a free sample delivery, you have
earned yourself few brownie points. The sample is going to be the Ace card that
will do all the magic.

Make Your Page

Easy poesy
is the generation. Most of the surfing is done lying down with mobile in the
hands. Therefore, it becomes imperative for a seller to make his page
responsive. Make your page simple to understand. Make the loading time lesser.
Avoid unnecessary advertising deals on your site that may hamper the loading
time. Remember, shoppers hardly can wait for nanoseconds to upload. It has to
be in lightning speed that the loading of the page must take place. A shopper
who would like to do online recharge or book tickets for a vacation, it
must be complacently simple.

Use Live Chat Box

The more
personal touch to a website the better is the prospects. When there is a live
chat box, it becomes easy for the window shopper to ask questions. Directing to
the page of FAQs or about return policies or payment policies, these are few
elements that a browser would like to see. Thus, go live and help the browser
with your service. For instance, ‘we accept PayPal’ or ‘get 15 days trial
deals’.The client ought to fall in love with your website and in turn, go

Give Deals And

Massive sale
on Amazon or all products to go away at 50% discount or get free DTH
recharge coupons, wow does that excite you? If that does for you, it will
be a prospect too. So be it. Give deals that are compelling, and there is no
way a shopper would like to escape from.

Change The Style
As Per Season

Day is around the corner. It is an excellent time to tap people with alluring
offers and products. Converting your page as per the season is essential. A
browser is always on the run to look for new. If the same old page opens, there
is a high level of irritation that pours in. Thus, if the whole world is
celebrating Thanksgiving Day, you should also have similar products or services
on the move so that you do not lose the opportunity.


Rome was not built in a day, and so is the case with
window shoppers. You cannot expect an overnight miracle to take place where all
the window shoppers are head over heels for your services or products. You have
to strategize. Think about the elements that may bother customers. Give them a
content that they are looking for. Thereafter navigate the website link through
inbound marketing tactics. You are sure to pull the crowd towards you.

Use Email

This serves aptly for some reasons. First of all,
they are personal. Customers love being acknowledged or being made feel
special. It is this moment when you can tap them at the earliest. Mails like
“Hello Sharon, we thought you would
like to go to Georgia this vacation, click here to get the offer”. Sharon,
who has been browsing your site to see some deals on Georgia, has finally
decided with your offer. You have cracked the code now!


Nobody knows
your website as well as you do. Keep it simple, keep it interactive. There is
no way that you can let your window shoppers go away. You got to go that extra
mile to make your audience glued to you.

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